Now That JAMB has released the results What Next, POST UTME?

JAMB finally released the 2019 UTME examination results. The next hurdle for candidates is POST UTME exercise. The POST UTME can come in the form of another examination or Online Screening.

The main issue with POST UTME exercise is that the mode can be changed. Candidates will only know the mode for their choice of institution when they publish the details. By that time they probably have a month or two to the exam. Another issue of concern is the examination content. For Institution conducting POST UTME examination candidates usually do not have any guide on scope of coverage.

The way forward for any candidate is to keep abreast of the subjects they sat for in the UTME and current affairs. They should start early so they can be prepared particularly for General Papers.

Attending a serious minded POST UTME classes goes a long way to help candidates perform better. Especially those that have been out of school for a while.

In conclusion, JAMB is not an end, it is just a means to an end, the end in this case is secure admission.

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